Remote Sensing


Aerial Survey

MHA offers land surveying using UAVs and conventional manned platforms. We deliver accurate topographic data combined with high-resolution aerial photography, ortho-photography and multi-spectral imaging. Our UAV's are outfitted with the latest sensor technologies. We offer data processing and GIS support, as well as solutions for data storage and on-line retrieval.

Ortho-Imaging and 3D Modeling

UAV's allow for data acquisition closer to the ground with greater detail and resolution. This combined with advances in photo processing make it possible to generate 3D point clouds and digital elevation models from orthophotograpy. For the right application this is a less c0stly alternative to LiDAR from a conventional manned platform.

Video Inspection and Point Cloud Generation

Multispectral Sensing

Multispectral sensing provides our customers with the information they need to better manage crops and vegetation. This technology allows for the accurate detection of plant stress due to weeds, pests, disease, poor irrigation, poor drainage and inconsistent fertilizer application. Long before the stress factors that endanger plants can be seen in the visible spectrum, they can appear in the near-infrared, allowing for preventative measures.

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) imagery is one of the most effective tools for assessing crop health. Let MHA take care of the flight planning and data collection and provide you with easy and quick access to your imagery with an on-line mapping service.

imagery courtesy of Micasense

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